Posted by: Do Bianchi | April 4, 2012

An Adventure in Cheese #cof2012 @ubriaca

By Brunellos Have More Fun.

We’re here! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (or Instagram!), you know that the whole COF 2012 crew made it safe and sound to the Colli Orientali del Friuli on Sunday. We arrived at our agriturismo in Corno di Rosazzo and hit the ground running. Running in the direction of a plate of pan-fried cheese.

It’s a frico, frico world ya’ll.

Frico seems to made in a slightly different ways, but Montasio cheese will always be the main ingredient and onion and potato can sometimes mingle. The frico above had 3 different ages of montasio and soft bits of potato. We chowed on this at the lovely little restaurant Solder (also a winery with some great, quaffable Friulano bianco and rosso.) If you’re curious,  this video shows the general technique of how to make frico (although some purists scoff at the addition of onions.)

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